On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Move-In Day

What can I say - I'm here. It seems strange to spend a whole day traveling with too much luggage and a dog, and still feel like nothing big has happened. Sure my neighborhood is different and I can't read a blessed thing, but nevertheless I still have the same to-do list that I've always had.

Much like any move-in day, I spent most of my time yesterday wandering aimlessly through piles of luggage and boxes wondering how I'll ever clean it all up. For the last three weeks, B- had been busy buying necessities - coffee maker, blender, vacuum cleaner and such - but hasn't had much time to organize or clean.

We started small, as in the smallest room in the house - the bathroom. For now, it is my haven.

B's boss and husband are coming by tonight. I need the courage of a thousand warriors and perhaps the strength of ten giants to pull off the monumental task of getting the house ready for the boss. No nose twinkle for me - I'm heading to Blokker.



Blogger Reid said...

Oooh...what's Blokker? You'll have to fill us in on what these exotic Dutch stores are. For all I know, it's a dinky convenience store, but it sounds exciting and new to me.

Good luck with the boss-in-law. Are you serving them a Thanksgiving dinner? Plunk down a bowl of cranberry sauce and say, "NOW who's exotic?!"

2:46 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

Blokker is a bit like a modern-day five and dime, selling odds and ends. Yesterday I bought a hair dryer, a mop, a rack for drying clothes and an alarm clock. They also sell kitchen utensils, closeout sale DVDs and seasonal items. They have a large variety of items but a crap selection in each category -- like CVS.

We didn't host the boss for dinner - thank goodness! But they did come by to see our place. We ate Croatian, which is way less exotic than it sounds. Think Mediterranean with a heavy German influence. I think you have to be a carnivore to appreciate the subtleties of their cuisine.

8:45 AM GMT+1


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