On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Introspection Day

Where to begin... A lot has been happening lately.

I guess the biggest news is that my last day of work is June 30th. I'll admit that I had it pretty good. I got to keep my good, rewarding, decently-paid job and telecommute from the Netherlands. On paper it seemed like a super deal, except for one key issue: the hours were terrible. I work a late shift from 1pm-8pm, leaving me little time to hang out with B-, which is why I'm here in the first place.

The hours weren't the the only reason, of course, but the rest is a bit wishy-washy. In sum, it was time to go.

So, I've been setting myself up to freelance while I start the long process of finding work over here. Or, maybe I'll just freelance and make my own hours. For once, I've got options and that feels pretty good.

So, what does one do with a bit of extra time? The following is a short list of things I plan to tackle (in no particular order):

-- finish planning my wedding (oh yeah... that)
-- put half a decade's worth of photos in albums
-- take more photos
-- learn video editing
-- blog more consistently
-- cultivate my yoga practice
-- take Nigel to the beach more often
-- volunteer
-- start a neighborhood clean-up campaign
-- take a travel writing course
-- practice my Dutch more diligently
-- get involved with Democrats Abroad
-- vacuum up dog and cat hair more frequently
-- knit more

In the spirit of blogging more, I'll give you a run down of the next episodes of My New Dutch Life:

-- wuppies
-- Prof. Kaas
-- nudity, nudity everywhere
-- the call of nature
-- oranje
-- and more...


Blogger Reid said...

I can't help but notice that there's nudity everywhere and you're resolving to take more photos and learn video editing. What sorts of freelancing are you going to be doing?!

5:37 PM GMT+2

Blogger akaijen said...

The good kind.

5:40 PM GMT+2

Anonymous XtianDC said...

Wow JC, that is a damn impressive to do list. I hear you on the wedding planning/cat hair tip. Those two items are very much on my mind lately too. ;)

8:02 PM GMT+2


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