On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Relax, I Just Ate a Tic-Tac

More on the Kisses toilets.

In yesterday's comments, a Dutch reader noted that the owner of the McDonald's with the mouth-shaped urinals is named Pijper* - apparently slang for blow job (Sorry Mom and W-! It's for the pursuit of the truth that I post such foul language).

Ok that is really too HI-larious. It brings tears to my eyes. However base this whole topic is, this is truly one of the most beautiful coincidences in life. Dutch Reader rightly suggests that maybe the whole thing is a joke. I agree that it's almost too perfect.

I'm happy to report that this is all true! The Dutch newspaper, De Telegraf has the story and a video of the actual toilets. What's exceptionally disturbing are those deoderizing cake thingies floating in the bottom, kind of a tic-tac if you will.



Blogger Doc Paradox said...

This just goes to show I've gone too long without reading you, Jen. A thousand pardons. But mouth-shaped urinals even creeps me out, and I've been known to be one sick fuck on occasion. I agree with one of your reader's earlier comments: that crap would have scarred me for life as a child. They must have been invented by a psychiatrist who felt business was too slow.

2:10 PM GMT+2

Blogger akaijen said...


Be sure not to overlook the fact that the urinals are also a product of the Netherlands.

I alternate between being very creeped out and being fascinated by how this continues to unfold. Sure beats trying to figure out if the Dutch immigration minister still has her job or not.

2:17 PM GMT+2

Blogger PeeKay said...

now put these lipsmackers in a hash bar and you will really see some wild shite when the patrons come out of there.

the lips kinda remind me of bugs bunny in drag.

6:51 PM GMT+2

Anonymous redsnapper said...

Fortunately the urinals come without the buck teeth, thank the Arkleseizure!

7:47 PM GMT+2

Anonymous redsnapper said...

Blogger ate the dang closing tag. Not my fault.

7:48 PM GMT+2

Blogger hotrod said...

the best thing about that video was the stark reminder of the beauty of the dutch language. so melodious....

6:00 PM GMT+2


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