On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Say Yes & Go

A lot of people questioned why B- and I decided not to get married in the Netherlands. We seriously looked into it, and even visited several ceremony and reception venues. However, there was certain something that turned us off to the idea of a wedding in Holland- something we couldn't quite put our finger on until now.

Behold the newest concept in package weddings: Get married at the airport!

I'll give it to their marketing team, Schiphol Airport does a decent job of trying to make it less lame than it is. Their Web site details a handful of interesting packages, one of which includes a short flight in a vintage plane. Add to that expedited service through passport control and security screening, and the deal starts to sound a little sweeter.

However, it falls a bit short when you realize that your reception will be catered by an airport restaurant. Schiphol doesn't have a good culinary selection. No Legal Seafood in their departure lounge.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon, what is wrong with serving some nice cheese sandwiches for the reception? You have a wonderful selection of young cheese, medium aged cheese, old cheese, and cheese with cumin just to name a few. That is 4 courses already! Add in some sausage rolls and some fries and you are there.

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