On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


That's German for Six

I started seriously collecting airline miles a few years ago when I traveled to South Africa for work. I've since traveled to South America twice and once to Australia on BA affiliates. But my massive accumulation of airlines miles really got going when I applied for the BA Visa last year.

This, my friends, is the golden ticket. If you don't have a miles-earning credit card, you are, well, you're nuts. My trusty BA Visa has been the payment method of choice for my year of life changes. Just imagine what two new floors, airfare and honeymoon expenses can do for your frequent flyability.

A wise Economist article pointed out to me that frequent flier miles are not for saving, especially given the volatile nature of the airline industry. So, now I'm ready to cash in. To date, I have enough miles to afford B- and I three round trip tickets to any European destination. This begets the question: Where to?

So dust off your old photo albums and scrapbooks and lend a girl a hand. Where should we go?

The parameters:
  • Places we've already been together: Belgium, Paris, London, and (soon) Vienna
  • Much of Germany and Northern France are within easy reach by train/car, so no point wasting free airfare to get there.
  • Think lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations since it is easy to get cheap tix to Europe's major cities.
  • We're definitely up for one winter sports spot.



Blogger Smiley said...

I finally (it only took 5 years) got a reward ticket to Europe! I'll be in AMS for QD again!
sinterklass 2001:
Maybe you guys know a nice young single Aussie girl you can introduce me to?
email: pizza@powername.com
Email me and I'll send you my NSFW private AMS blog link.
If you keep posting at a good clip I'll take you guys out to dinner in March, I've really enjoyed reading about AMS when I've missed it so.

8:01 PM GMT+1


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