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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

B- and are back from our honeymoon in Tanzania. One word: Awesome!

Our plan to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro had two purposes:
1) Do something really, really memorable together.
2) See the glaciers before they're gone.

As B- is the in the climate change mitigation business and it's a particular hot button issue for me, I suspect that reason no. 2 weighed a little heavier.

Not only did we summit Kili, but we also spent the night in the crater. This itinerary afforded us an opportunity to explore the ash pit and nearby fragments of the remaining glacier fields. It was incredibly beautiful and terribly sad. The bit of glacier near our camp was melting right in front of us.

For anyone considering a trip to the roof of Africa, we can't recommend our outfitter enough. Definitely check out Kiliwarriors. They are by far the best guide service on the mountain in terms of quality of gear, treatment of porters, eye on safety, and quality/quantity of food. Our crew was like a big family for the 9 days we were up there.


Anonymous redsnapper said...

Hard core! w00t.

9:57 PM GMT+1

Blogger Reid said...

Wow. Amazing. But stop sizing your pictures down! I kept clicking on them expecting full panoramic glory, only to get glory on web level.

I was wondering what you were up to, and now I see what: miles above sea level. Fantastic!

4:05 AM GMT+1

Anonymous Climbing Kilimanjaro said...

Isn't crater camp spectacular? Only a few percent of the people that climb kilimanjaro visit the ash pit. It's a shame!

9:52 PM GMT+2


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