On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Yukky Dutch Word of the Day: Pindakaas

So, tomorrow I leave to go get married. Just like that. Months and months of agonizing over where to have our wedding, wondering if our family and friends will hate us for making their lives difficult... It's strange that it will all be said and done in just an evening.

For those of you who didn't RSVP - I assume you aren't coming to South Africa at the last minute. If you are coming, you better tell me by tomorrow afternoon if you want the fish or the beef. I also need to order you a chair.

Anyway, in my absence I leave you all to ponder the Yukky Dutch Word of the Day: Pindakaas

To you and me, pindakaas is more or less peanut butter. That's alright except that literally it means "peanut cheese." I dunno why, but to me that transcends yukky and goes straight to gross.

Peanut cheese. Nasty!

BTW - Wikipedia has an entry on peanut butter that includes the origin of the Dutch word. Apparently, it would have been illegal to use the word butter to describe it. Typical.



Anonymous redsnapper said...

"I recently relocated to the Netherlands with my fiance. Living in a new country challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves."

It's profile editin' time, married woman! Congratulations!

7:52 AM GMT+2

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akajen and B---Congrats on getting married and welcome back.

Caroline + Johnny et. al

11:54 PM GMT+2


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