On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Basting in Bouillon

Mountains, even little ones, rule! Forests rule even more.

Last weekend, B-, Nigel and I hiked in the Ardennes, just outside Bouillon, Belgium right near the border with France. Though the Ardennes may not be the Alps, the Rockies, or even the Appalachians, they still beat the pancake-flat landscape of The Netherlands. And they have trees too.

Belgium's extensive network of hiking trials weave through forests and along streams, offering the rare luxury of solitude. We only passed one group of people on the trail each day.

Bouillon wasn't too shabby either. Straddling the Semois River, the little resort town features a medieval castle and plenty of atmosphere. Nothing beats a beer cafe after a day of hiking.

Photos of Bouillon and Surrounds


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