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Yukky Dutch Word of the Day: Stinkscooter

In honor or my last intermediate Dutch class (where I have three papers due today and I'm still working on the last one), I give you another installment of Yukky Dutch Word of the Day.


This is exactly what you think is. All sorts of people buzz (literally) around town on two-wheeled scooters with little better than lawn mower engines to power them. They're really loud (proper noise pollution) and seem to lack catalytic converters and other gadgets to control pollution. So, yes, they are stinky. And that's a word both English and Dutch speakers can appreciate.



Blogger Reid said...

Damn. Would have been a lot more fun if, as a Dutch word, it meant "politician" or was a kind of candy or something. Then you could giggle everytime someone said it.

1:29 PM GMT+2

Blogger PeeKay said...

oh man jen, am i total perv if my "exactly what you think it is" was: a smelly hoo hoo.

im ashamed.

3:02 AM GMT+2

Blogger akaijen said...

After Reid's comment, I was thinking... hmm maybe that wasn't the phrasing I should have used. Now after your comment, I'm thinking... nah that was good.

Too funny!

9:40 AM GMT+2


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