On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Days since I've seen the sun: 0

The sun is attempting to break through this morning! Time to buy a bike.



Blogger soo doh nim said...

Jen - I really wonder if the sun will shine again until spring. Maybe. I flew over the Netherlands on my way to and from Prague and Istanbul. Both times I could see most of the country out the right-side window on the approach to London.

Just adopt a new mantra -- sun sun sun here it comes

5:38 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

The sun was out this morning for a grand total of 2 hours. Then it went away. Rain again.

11:04 PM GMT+1

Blogger soo doh nim said...

Maybe the Dutch have some kinda saying about how without November rain, Hans Brinker might as well not lace on his skates. Or something. OK, never mind.

Are they playing November Rain on Radio Netherlands yet? Oooo, speaking of radio stations, to get Radio Eins out of Berlin or Radio Luxembourg? Maybe you need shortwave for those.

5:49 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

I can't say that I've tried to get Radio Eins or Radio Luxembourg.

9:38 AM GMT+1


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