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What am I, Chopped Liver?

I planned on blogging about the Winter Olympics today. For the second time in my life, I'm living in a ho-hum country during the Olympics. For the effort of broadening my horizons in 1996, I got to watch Canadian contenders go for the gold. In that year, I think the sport to watch for Canadian victory was rhythmic gymnastics. That's the one with the hula hoops and ribbons. Even as a former ballet dancer, I find that "sport" wussy.

However, I will give the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation mad props for their kind commentary during the opening ceremonies in Atlanta. As a Southerner myself (my parents actually honeymooned in Hotlanta), I couldn't help but cringe in horror as cheerleaders and big-wheeled trucks welcomed Olympians from around the world. CBC commentators, including the one that looks exactly like Peter Jennings, were oh-so-very gracious in the anthropological way that they described why there were cheerleaders and trucks in Olympic stadium. I'll never forget this line: "They represent a common pastime in the South, where young people enjoy driving around on Friday night." Yeehaw! How humiliating.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the US RULES at sports (yes Brits, there is an 's' at the end of that word when it's plural). We particularly rule at really fun and exciting sports like snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, hockey... the list goes on and on. There is really nothing better than being an American when the Olympics roll around.* For all the complaining about how we only get to see the events that Americans are good at, to you whiners I say, "shut the hell up." There is nothing worse than watching C-list sporting events during the Olympics. I've been there. It's lame. Fortunately I get the benefit of coverage on BBC, Dutch and German channels. Hopefully, I'll actually get to see my compatriots mop it up in the mountains of Italy. Bring it on, ya'll.

But I digress...

What I ultimately wanted to talk about today was an article I found on Expatica while looking for Olympic coverage schedules. Amsterdam hosts visit by 25 American bloggers.

Uhm, guys? I'm right here! Right here in The Hague. You can invite me, and I will write about Amsterdam. I write about Holland nearly everyday. I already have a link to your site. Ok Ok. Maybe I don't always say really flattering things about the Netherlands, but I can be persuaded to do so, you know, if I was shown a good time and stuff. Frankly, you haven't really welcomed me with open arms, but I'm willing to let that slide for free accommodations. I've been eyeing a trip to Friesland. I'll take lots of nice photos. I promise.

For what it's worth. B- and I actually stayed at the Lloyd back in August when we first came through for his job interview. It is a far, Far, FAR cry from 5 stars. I had to laugh out loud at that one. It's also not very well located. Suckahs!

*B- will contend that Australia is even better at sport (he only uses one 's') than the US. He's crazy, citing some silly statistic about how many medals Australians won in Sydney as compared to their miniscule population. Maybe there's something there with regard to SUMMER Olympics. But the Aussies only win Winter events when the rest of the competitors wipe out. Eh-hem. Obviously the US presents a much more well-rounded team.



Anonymous Aaron Brazell said...

Well, you can blog over at Light the Torch. It was just opened up today to the other blog networks and bloggers. We're using it to raise money for athletic organizations.

Feel free to email me for details. :)

7:44 PM GMT+1

Blogger Doc Paradox said...

25 American bloggers in A'dam. Uh-huh, yeah. How much you want to bet half the entries are like:

"DAY 1: On the opening day of the Winter Olympics ceremonies in Torino ... hey, wasn't there a car named the Torino? The Gran Torino, like the kind Starsky & Hutch drove? Whoa, that would be such a badass car to have here, or the General Lee, that would be so bad f***ing ass, duuuude...my hands are so...Weird!"

7:49 PM GMT+1

Blogger PeeKay said...

hey jen, what is even cooler about the US kicking butt at SPORTS, is that we are labeled the OBESE, IGNORANT idiots of the world. so if you take away all those americans who can't participate in sports, we are even a more spectacular nation! hahha.

btw- i think soccer should be a winter AND summer olympics sport.

3:13 AM GMT+1


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