On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Too Gross

B- and I went to Amsterdam yesterday to visit the Van Gogh Museum. Good stuff. We definitely recommended it. I also highly recommend getting the audio sets. They did I really nice job with those.

Naturally we took the train to and fro. As sometimes happens on the train, B- had to use the restroom. He returned to his seat looking a little alarmed. It seems that when he flushed the toilet, he could see the tracks below. Meaning... no container.

He wasn't positive, so I had a look. Sure enough, when you push the bottom to "flush" - there wasn't any water or anything - it opened straight onto the tracks.

As B- pointed out, that's the kind of thing you find in India.




Blogger soo doh nim said...

I used to think the same thing was secretly happening in airplanes, but there's no good way to verify this in flight.

Wow... so, uh, do you think someone forgot to affix the container or is this a regular thing? If it's the normal state of affairs, the papers ought to be writing about it.

5:32 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

I had the same thought - maybe someone forgot to hang an 'out of order' sign or something. B- just reminded me that there was a sign outside the door to the lav that said not to use the toilet at train stations.

Sounds like it's a policy to me, but I'll keep you updated as my investigation continues.

8:15 PM GMT+1

Anonymous pmazur said...

This is actually not limited to the Netherlands. I've traveled on the Intercity trains through France, Belgium and Poland and they all use the same system (except for the TGV.) That's why walking on train tracks in Europe carries additional risks -- you might be stepping in someone's poop!

6:55 PM GMT+2


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