On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


I Got Nothin'

Ok, this is little more than a courtesy post because I really don't have much to say. Work has been crazy, and by crazy I mean busy. By busy, I mean working on the weekend. By working on the weekend, I mean haven't left the house except to go to Dutch class or walk Nigel in almost two weeks. So, unless you want a preview of my FY07 budget proposal, I got nothin'.

So, enough about me... what about you? What do you guys want to know?


Blogger soo doh nim said...

Is it true that the rivers of the Netherlands run with Vla?

5:26 PM GMT+1

Blogger El Cap-e-tan said...

Are the Dutch still interested in making wine or have they abandoned all hope and concentrated all their efforts on beer?

3:17 AM GMT+1

Blogger soo doh nim said...

Are the Rotterdamers rotters? Do they raise 'amsters in Amsterdam? Do they schave in Scheveningen? Do you get slaap-happy when you're in you're slaapkamer? Do they tiptoe thru the tulips? Is there a dike problem? Are you groning in Groningen yet?


6:18 AM GMT+1

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contradictions in Newtonian and quatum physics are yet to be reconciled. In less than 2,000 words explain this problem using examples and propose a new paradigm for physics that contains a solution to this problem. Simple language and pretty diagrams and pictures are appreciated.

1:36 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...


Soo Q1: I don't think the rivers actually run with vla, but they look like they do.

El Cap: I've never heard of Dutch wine and there's no use for Dutch beer.

Soo Qs2: Yes, no they raise bunnies, yes, no, most definitely, no, yes.

Anon: I'll deal with Schrodinger's cat if you'll finish my FY07 work plan.

3:30 PM GMT+1


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