On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Utrecht, oo yeah!

B- and I took a trip to Utrecht yesterday. We went to check out a couple of museums to get some mileage out of our Museumkaart. Oddly enough they have a museum dedicated to aboriginal art from Australia, which I'll say is only worth it if you have a museumkaart.

What Utrecht lacked in Australiana, it made up for in quaint Dutchness that blew us away. With 1,000 year old canals and cute shops, Utrecht was everything that Den Haag is not. It's a college town and in some respects reminded me of Cambridge (Boston), which has always been a dream location for me. We enjoyed a coffee overlooking the old canal, and spent a lovely, sunny day wandering the streets pretending we lived there.

I uploaded a bunch of photos of Utrecht here.

So, the new plan is to ditch The Hague and try to find an apartment in Utrecht. Everything is accessible by train, so it's only a matter of how much commute you can tolerate - in that case it's up to B-.



Anonymous redsnapper said...

"goshinkansen" -- heh awesome. did you ever actually play it? I tried but my japanese is totally nonexistent. The emulator I played on did have "Let's Go By Train 2" in Engrish, which was totally fun.

I agree with you about the Dutch dream house location. But I guess you got dibs on this one!

9:43 PM GMT+2

Blogger Christopher King said...

Congrats on your move. I was in Amsterdam just for 3 days but loved every minute of it.

Every minute.


9:11 AM GMT+2


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