On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


It's Blowing You and Me

Though the Netherlands is experiencing the warmest winter on record (they've been keeping records for 300 years) it doesn't mean that it isn't cold. The wind howls and howls all day and night. At times I feel cozy holed up in my apartment, and other times I feel super restless.

I feel the same way about my blog lately. A year on, focusing just on living in Holland is restrictive. While living here is doing a good job of influencing many, if not most, aspects of my life, it's not all I've got. I was just out walking Nigel, who's windy look is a lot like the flying nun, thinking that my blog needs some fresh air too.

What I really need is the ability to sort posts by topic. Don't get me wrong, I love Blogger, but how's about some topic sorting? So simple. So easy. That's CMS 101. While I don't wanna leave Blogger -- it's easy, customizable, and free -- I wonder if I've outgrown totally free blogging software. I have a bit of space over on Vox, but that's mainly so I can post comments to my friends' blogs. It's neither fully customizable, nor do they offer topic sorting.

So, I'm fretting over the blog software research I fear I'm going to have to do, when I decided to revisit Blogger Beta. A couple of days ago, they prompted me to switch my blog to the new beta, but I ignored it and now the option is gone. :( Turns out, "labeling" (and it's cousin "topic sorting") are just around the corner. That's what I get for being too cautious. I didn't realize that it was just a select group invited to beta. Waaah!

So, as soon as the new Blogger comes out of beta "My New Dutch Life" will get a facelift and will expand to other topics that interest me. What those topics are, remains to be seen - naturally, I haven't thought it through that much. In the meantime, I'll keep blogging and you go and rent "A Mighty Wind." Hi-larious.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me. I wanted to upgrade, but lost my chance, but then it offered it to me again. I wouldn't worry about the upgrade, though. It's a little bit of a pain. Serves me right for touching anything with the word "beta" involved. Except gmail.

I have the best Word Verification ever: forxx. Definition: eXtreme cutlery.

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