On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Dude, Where's My Market?

Back in Autumn, a farmer's market sprung up on Thursdays across the street from our apartment. What better way to promote laziness than have a farmer's market set up shop right in front of you?

This one featured local fruit and veggies, organic juices, farmhouse cheeses and deli items if you're into that. It wasn't big, but it was perfect for our neighborhood.

Then one day this guy shows up with his medieval horns.

It was cute at first, and seemed to attract a bit of attention. Yeah cute until it became obvious that he only knew how to play one scale. No tunes, just this one scale. Over and over and over again. All day long.

After his second appearance, the market was no more. Did he scare the market away, or is there just nothing to sell at a farmer's market this time of year? Judging from the look on that woman's face, my money's on the former.



Blogger PeeKay said...

thats like a weird moment on LOST. the old man with the red bandana appears blowing a horn to warn the farmers of their impending doom. wow. hopefully that piano wont fall out of the window in the middle of the night!

3:27 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

hehe my hood is a bit strange. I haven't managed to get a photo of the random horses that go by every now and then. There's even some couple that fancies riding around with a horse and jaunty cab. WTF?

There's some kind of stable thing right aroudn the corner of my neighborhood. I take big exception to having horses in the middle of the city, especially a neighborhood as noisy as mine.

9:54 AM GMT+1

Blogger Anneke said...

Those hornblowers ;) only do that on the shortest day of the year. To mark the end of wintertime. Originally it's a custom in the East of The Netherlands. Especially in Twente and the Achterhoek.

7:05 PM GMT+2

Blogger akaijen said...

I think someone forgot to tell that guy what time of year it was, because he turned up in February for a couple of weeks in a row. I'm sad that the market never came back though.

7:20 PM GMT+2


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