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This is Kind Of Interesting

I got sucked into MTV's "Made" last night, watching this chubby, ditsy blond girl try out for the girls soccer team, not unlike the chubby, goth girl who decided to be a cheerleader. How do they find these girls that cry on a dime? This show is only vaguely interesting but I did sit through a marathon one rainy weekend. What does it say about a person who's 3*cough* and still watches MTV? Before you judge consider that I have a grand total of 6 channels that regularly show English-language content, and two of those broadcast news.

I couldn't watch this episode all the way through because the girl's parents were these total a-holes and kept laughing at her. The dad actually wanted to bet $100 that she wouldn't make the team. No wonder she never followed through on anything else in her life. Jerks. I channel surfed away for awhile, only to return at the end when she got offered the manager position. Ouch! Girl even broke a finger during try outs. Peekay, sistah, surely that counts for something doesn't it? At least JV right?

After the show, MTV played the following video from Just Jack. Amazing that MTV Europe actually plays videos, even if only in between the stupid, insipid shows imported from the States. Putting that aside, Just Jack is kind of interesting in a Lilly Allen talky-singy, not hiding the accent kind of way. He comes across as a bit more sincere and less bratty than Allen, though. His new album, "Overtones," turned up in the end of January, and he's all over the UK at the moment. Here's your chance to get in on the buzz before he hits. If he hits. I'd like to point out that Robbie Williams (remember that guy???) is a super huge mega star over here but is totally off the US radar.

It occurs to me that this song, about the rise and fall of a B-list celebrity, is the perfect commentary on the poor girl who didn't make the soccer team. She's the only one I've seen on "Made" to fail to reach her goal. With her lame parents discouraging her along the way, how could she possibly make it? Yea really, why you gotta go and put stars in her eyes?



Blogger PeeKay said...

ha jen you are hitting on something there. i do watch made. yah i know its lame but sometimes i like to see what the coaches do to get the kids their dreams. beauty pageants/prom queen is one thing i think you could train someone fairly quickly to do in a few months. BUT SPORTS? it actually made me crazy! those require training and athleticism and the ability to work hard and deal with pain. she was so whiney it made me CRAZY! and did you see the girls on the team? they were like uber soccer chicks. all skinny / skilled and fit. she didnt have a chance in hell. plus they have probably been playing for 13 of their 15 years, training and sending videos to colleges. these are not the days you just make the team b/c you have a pulse. ok, that one was nutso, but you should see the fat boy that actually tries and makes the team. it was ridiculous, but then again a smart move on the coach, have the kid make the team, get on mtv!!!

5:50 PM GMT+1

Blogger akaijen said...

Dude, I saw that fat kid as well. I remember he cried, too! What's with all the crying? You know he warmed the bench, c'mon.

But yeah, I was mad at that girl's parents b/c they were so awful and probably scarred her at an early age, and also mad at MTV for putting her through that. Those girls were tough. What really made me nuts, though, was how cutesy that "coach" was. I wanted to smack him.

6:12 PM GMT+1


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