On Nov. 23, 2005 I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC. This is my new Dutch life.


Oh Oh Den Haag

Since we'll be leaving soon(ish), we've started compiling a list of all the things we want to see or do before we leave - both in Holland and in Europe. Meanwhile, I'm snapping as many photos as seems reasonable to document our time here. I'll start sharing some of the more everyday things that we generally overlook like tram stops and such.

But maybe I shouldn't bother, because this guy has not only posted video footage of my foster city, but wrote a song as well. It's not quite "New York, New York," or "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," but it's a bit catchy, if not a bit tropical or something.

This video is at least 15 years old, but generally it still looks the same. Notice the overcast sky?

BTW, my Dad found this clip. He could probably ghost write my blog after we leave. That guy's never even been here!



Where Did April Go?

Hey look at that - it's already April 18. Poof! Weeks gone in the blink of an eye.

So, OK I've been back from Costa Rica for a week or so. Unfortunately, I returned to the final stretches of a freelance project, and I've been busy sorting that out along with immigration, scheduling yoga workshops, etc. Life happens, man.

My trip was exactly what I needed to recharge. I have so much more energy, which is good b/c somehow I'm swamped even though I'm a person without a steady job. How does that happen?

This was the view from my mat for two hours each morning and afternoon.

The yoga retreat was held in a small, rural surfing village on the Pacific Coast. It was hot and humid, and my body loved it. My skin cleared and softened, shedding years off my apparent age. My joints started moving again after a year and a half in a cold, dank climate. I sweat quite a lot of toxins out of my pores and received the best massages in my life. I connected with wonderful people and started the long road to getting back in shape.

A week later, I still feel pretty good. It helps that the it was unseasonably warm and sunny when I got back. It's starting to return to normal though. The temperature dropped Monday night, and today the clouds are circling around the sun. Clearly they're looking for a real fight this time. Yesterday the sun prevailed. Today I'm putting my money on clouds.

In other news...

While I was away, B- and his bosses decided that DC was the best place for them to base their US office, so back to DC we go. Excellent for us, though it is a bit strange. There was no way to know that we'd only be away for a couple of years, but still... I might have put our furniture in storage instead of lugging it over here. Well you live and learn.

I wonder if things will be much different? You know how it always seems weird and surreal when you visit the town you grew up in? Alien yet familiar. By time we get back it will be about two years since we left. Has my town changed very much? Will it reject me like bad kidney transplant? I know at least one of you left and returned -what was that like?