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Sky High in a Puff of Smoke

Good ole Dad, ever the planespotter, sent this one in:

Smoke and enjoy the flight
German wacko seeks funding for a new air carrier, Smoker's International Airline - Smintair.

I know next to nothing about the airline industry other than most companies seem to be losing money. Yet, even I can't see how this guy's plan will take off. Here are the highlights:

  • operate a fleet of 747 jets, with the ablity to carry between 300-500 passengers per flight
  • only business-class and first-class tickets offered, with prices starting at 10,000EUR
  • services 1 route: Duesseldorf, Germany and Tokyo, Japan
  • will offer cavier and other luxury items on board

I wonder how many health-unconcous, rich people are keen to fly back and forth between Deusseldorf and Tokyo with 300 other chain smokers. You could throw down that kinda cash on British Airways or Emirates and fully recline the whole way.

It's true that Germans and Japanese are big smokers, but I'm not convinced that enough of them would be willing to blow ten grand for the right to puff away for 12 hours. Figuring that sucking down two packs a day is considered a big smoking habit, at best we're talking about a whopping 250EUR per cigarette. Wow.

Update: I noticed that the Tribune article indicates that the jets will be retooled to hold just 147 passengers. I imagine he's gotta run those flights at max. capacity to afford the jet juel, let alone crew salaries, gate rental fees, ticketing costs, catering, and also those keen luxury items. Good luck, man.



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